We will be happy to design and engineer a Radiant Heat or Snowmelt System for you based on your blueprints. From this, we deliver a Heat Loss Analysis, Tubing Layout Plan with supply temperatures, Boiler Piping diagram, and AutoCAD wiring schematic. We provide oversight services as well, and can also provide on-site consulting for key persons involved in your project, provided that they are located within in our general service area.

Please note that if you are interested in us to providing you with a Radiant Heat Design, we must stress that it is your responsibility to provide us with accurate information, as the design and analysis will only be as good as the information you give us. In order to walk you through the process of providing us with all the necessary information we will need to to begin this process, we have developed a design worksheet and we ask that you use it when requesting a quote. We also will require that you provide us of a full size Blueprint.


⇒ Pricing:

Design Package: $450.00 per design

Consulting: $160.00 per hour

Our decision to start offering this service was as a direct result of the large number of calls we were receiving from home and business owners reaching out to us because they were extremely frustrated with various issues they were having with poorly designed and/or improperly installed Radiant Systems. 

Attempting to repair and/or re-engineer many of these Systems can be prohibitively expensive. Sadly, some configurations can never be corrected, requiring that an entirely new system be designed and put into place.

While we certainly appreciate the new business and are complimented by the confidence people place in us by asking us to assist, but we regret that these new clients had to experience such an unfortunate, costly, and totally unnecessary mistake in the first place.

When you get to know us, you’ll soon learn that we truly live by our mantra: “Do it right the FIRST time.” Simply put … it’s the right thing to do. And at the end of the day, it benefits everyone involved.

We also receive many inquiries from people who wish to install a Radiant Heating System for themselves. Our advice to the Do-It-Yourself installer is to insure that the System is designed properly including a layout.

We can help you with this most important part of the project, and even offer on-site consulting for installations within the Rhode Island and Southeast Massachusetts service areas and can prepare a complete System for shipment to you at your location.

So, if you plan to have Radiant Heat installed by someone else or Do-It-Yourself, let us help you- DO IT RIGHT!!!

ATTENTION: Advanced Comfort Systems, Inc. assumes no liability related to the design, materials listed, selection of materials, or installation of the Radiant Heat or Snowmelt System unless we provide and install the system.

We will provide the following items in the Radiant Design Package. These are the same computerized design/analysis reports we use for our installations:

  • Heat Loss Analysis
  • Sample Quote
  • Detail Design Summary
  • Tube Layout
  • Control Selection
  • Boiler Piping Diagram
  • Wiring Diagram
  • On-Site Consulting

If you desire a Radiant Heat Design we must stress that it is your responsibility to provide us with accurate information. The design and analysis will only be as good as the information you provide. To help you provide the necessary information we have developed a design worksheet for you to use. It is also recommended that you send a full size Blueprint.


Design Package: $450.00 per design.

Consulting: $120.00 per hour.