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Thermal Imaging Detection

Advanced Comfort Systems, Inc. offers thermal imaging and thermal heat detection services to find Radiant Heating and Snow-Melt Tubes prior to cutting or drilling.

Our infrared camera detects thermal patterns of the buried tubing to pinpoint the exact piping location to map out the radiant heat location. This gives the customer the best shot at locating all tubing prior to core drilling, nailing down studs, or saw cutting a slab.

ACS offers both commercial and residential Radiant Heat and Snow-Melt locating services no matter what method of installation was used.

Hourly IR Scan: $190.00 per hour

Magnetic central heating system filters are produced now by a wide variety of companies and make a definite difference in the quality of your system water.

These filters do not however take the place of properly cleaning the system prior to installation of a new boiler. It is imperative that your system is properly flushed, cleaned and correctly treated with corrosion inhibitor when a new boiler is installed.

In many cases, new radiators are a better alternative than attempting to clean very old non-convector types. Power flushing the system incorporating a magnetic filter is the best way to ensure removal of debris which can damage modern high efficiency boilers.

Let the expert who knows your system install the filter where it should be located. Do not attempt this as a DIY task. Look after your heating system and it should look after you.

TF1 Total Filter Demo

Vitoconnect 100

WiFi interface to establish the connection between the heating system and the app to operate the heating system as well as remote maintenance via Vitoguide.

In the Vitoconnect 100, a comprehensive safety concept was implemented, which successfully passed the VDE test for smart home information security.


  • WiFi module for connection to the router, for wall mounting
  •  Power cord with plug-in power supply (1 m long)
  • Connection line with Optolink connection WiFi module / Boiler circuit control (3 m long)


  • Via the Optolink interface with the boiler circuit control
  • Via WiFi to the router


  •  Plug-in power supply for voltage supply (230V / 50Hz)
  •  Connection cable WiFi module / Optolink connection
  • WiFi communication to connect to the Internet

Please note!

  • Before commissioning, the system requirements for communication via the local IP networks / WiFi must be checked.
  • For the operation of the Vitoconnect 100, a free Internet connection with data rate (time and volume independent tariff) is required.

Compatible controls

Viessmann boilers with Vitotronic control units with an Optolink interface

Controls for wall or compact units
● Vitotronic 200, Type HO1, HO1A, HO1B, HO1D, HO2B
● Vitotronic 200 RF, Type HO1C, HO1E

Controls for floor standing boilers
● Vitotronic 200, Type KO1B, KO2B, KW6, KW6A KW6B, KW1, KW2, KW4, KW5
● Vitotronic 300, Type KW3

Controls for heat pumps, solid fuel boilers and hybrid devices
● Currently under development

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