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Cover Feature: PHC News October 2016

Advanced Comfort System' (ACS) Owner John Perry appears as the Featured Contractor on the cover of this issue. This article gives the reader great insight into the scope and type of work that John Perry and his Technicians do on a daily basis. It also provides a look at the professionalism and caliber of workmanship that puts ACS in their own lane. Several of ACS' large client install are interviewed and weigh in on John Perry's dedication to excellence in Radiant Heating and Boiler Systems and how that focus flows through to a successful word-of-mouth only business.   

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Contractor Magazine Feature Article, February 2006

Rhode Island businessman Art Cannon completed his dream house last summer. Located on waterfront property in Barrington, the home was to be totally radiant, at Art's direction. Owning his own electro-mechanical business, he already had internal industry knowledge about how to achieve total indoor comfort with hydronics and zoned radiant heating. When he decided to move forward, he wanted the best products and the the best comfort system money could buy.  He chose ACS to join Taco and him on this project. The article provides detail.  

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THIS OLD HOUSE: Retrofitting Radiant Heating - Newton, MA

Loops of white plastic tubing hand suspended like hula hoops in the basement of Madeline Krauss and Paul Friedberg's Shingle-style home, the site of This Old House TV's Newton, MA project. Richard Trethewey, TOH's plumbing and heating expert.  Richard is working with John Perry of Advanced Comfort Systems to bring hyrdonic radiant heat to this 111-year-old house.  "We're turning the entire first floor of this house into a giant radiator - You'll never feel cold when we're through, and you won't need slippers, either."

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Taco Comfort Solutions, Case Study, Custom Home, Barrington

The Cannon house, on waterfront property by the Palmer River in Barrington, RI, was built by general contractor Andrew Tiplady of Barrington, from a design by architect Scott Weymouth of ARRIS Design, Providence. This article details the goals and considerations and the final action plans to mitigate the challenges in this futuristic all-radial home with 13 heating zones and heated garage.

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